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Selected 1978
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SongMP3TitleTuneAlternate Tunes
319Our Sins Were Borne By JesusFulness149318
328O Jesus, Lord, We Love TheeDedekam149111
337O God Of Grace, Our FatherWatcher426163
338Though Deep, O Lord, Our SorrowAurelia119149
341O Gracious God, Thy PleasureDay Of Rest114342
342O God, Our Hearts Are LiftedSt. Theodulph258341
343O Lord, Thy Love's UnboundedLancashire154163
360O Jesus, Friend UnfailingDay Of Rest85426
361In Heavenly Love AbidingConfidence114111
378Lord Jesus, Our RedeemerRememberance114149
382Love Bound Thee To The AlterSt. Christopher119114
397We Go To Meet The SaviourCliff College78154
426Tis Not That I Did Choose TheeSeine11167
434We're Pilgrims In The WildernessEllacombe15456
450Lord Jesus, Precious SaviourSt. Hilda149114
460O For The Robe Of WhitenessWork67341
462O Gracious God, Our FatherThankfulness16367
463O Gracious Shepherd, Bind UsAngel's Story11467
470O Saviour, Great And GloriousMunich341361
485Thou Art The First, Lord JesusSt. Theodulph78114

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